Easing the Netgear SC101 out of my network

OK I am easing this box out of my network. It has been a disaster. The drives disappear of their own accord. The drivers are not certified (not that I am anal about certification, but this is sloppy and indicates perhaps deeper sloppiness). The software causes strange side effects like an inability to uninstall software using the “add/remove programs” cpl. Files have the read-only flag set despite my constant resetting of the flag. iTunes barfs because of the read-only problem. And on and on.

Oh and Netgear support is unresponsive. And I even tracked down the email addresses for the technical managers at Zetera, the software provider to netgear, and those guys were unresponsive.

So I give up. I’ve uninstalled the client software on all machines but one. That machine is the only machine connecting to the Sc101, and then that machine is resharing the drives out to other machines. Looking now for a good NAS. Watching Martin’s experience with the LaCie box.

4 thoughts to “Easing the Netgear SC101 out of my network”

  1. Man, I’m so glad I didn’t get one of those now. Nice physical design, but the filesystem and network comms systems are too experimental and proprietary for consumer electronics.

    I have a Linksys NSLU-2, which doesn’t exactly have smoking performance, but it’s small, quiet and low-power. Even running the first-party BIOS it’s a great little home-lan NAS box and uses lowest-common denominator Samba/Cifs sharing protocol from EXT-2 formatted disks.

  2. well… I sure wish I had researched this little POS before committing my money to it.

    I found it slow; it hogged my network enough that other apps couldn’t connect. It was fast enough on writes, but trying to delete a directory on it (that wasn’t empty) would hang after awhile, or return a device i/o error. Copying a large directory produced similar errors.

    Often this would result in the explorer window disappearing. After this sort of failure, the network would be very slow for several minutes afterwards.

    Other users on my network are also complaining about speed. Computers are also acting strange; I suspect a memory leak.

    this sucker is either going to become a doorstop or it’s heading for ebay.

    I’m going to recycle an old PC for this duty.

  3. i’m sorry you had to suffer too. i couldn’t sell mine on ebay, i felt too bad about it, i took a sledgehammer to it. as you, i am using an old pc for this duty and it has generally been trouble free.

  4. I just bought an “ADS NAS Drive Kit (NAS-806-EF)” for $50 at NewEgg. I can’t recommend it enough. Popped a $100 320gig Seagate in it. Booting it used DHCP. I used IE to format and configure it. Now I can see it on my home network as \\NAS …no funny software; everything “just works”. You gotta love Linux/Samba running a puny ARM processor with 64megs of RAM.

    BTW…make sure you download the newest firmware. It didn’t like my large-ish drive until I did.

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