Web roundup 11/2

* Really want to like Jotspot and Jotspot live as wikis have some really appealing features. But I tried to do a simple thing — family christmas lists – and gave up and went back to tadalists. Just less confusing clutter. From the experience I kind of wonder if, for personal and shared documents, wikis are a tweener. I find myself gravitating toward a very structured task specific service like tadalists, or a totally unstructured shared document like writely. But I remain entranced by TiddlyWiki
* Anxious to try Dabble out. I’d love something with 20% of the power of Excel, but completely roamable.
* Phil finds google maps for mobile devices. Great first attempt.
* Memeorandum has found its way into my set of homepages.
* Don’t know if Healthline is it, but someone is going to do a great consumer health resource service.
* Haven’t had time to try last.fm but interested in better music recos. downloading now.