Software Roundup 11/16

  • Gave foldershare another try post-msft acquisition. Yet again I hit the 10K folder limit. They talk on the website about how it can handle an unlimited number of files but in actuality it is broken. I have 60gig of music, and a lot from compilation discs, so I end up with a kabillion artist folders in my music folder. And foldershare barfs on it. It does work fine for my photos folder. But the limit is arbitrary and makes the software useless for me. I am also wondering about the lag in syncing — it looks like it is going to take 24+ hours to sync my 3000 photos across 2 machines, I wonder why so slow. Especially since it had all night to run when my network at home and at work were largely doing nothing.
  • Haven’t tried it but the way Quintura lets you visually scope your search looks cool. I love personalized search scoping ideas — Swicki (hosting my Halloween search) is another one I am playing with.
  • Not clear I need a bunch of free games but here is a pointer to some — between FEAR, Call of Duty 2, Age of Empires III, I have no shortage of ways to burn my time
  • Wikicalc from one of the creators of Visicalc. Haven’t played with yet but I will have to.
  • Itunes/ipod addons — Poddmax, idleTunes. Haven’t tried either but it seems obvious to me that someone will build a nice business targetting the ipod/itunes customer base.
  • Martin’s review of Network Magic — a balanced look. I’m on the board of Pure, I am sure that those guys will make Martin happy with a future release.
  • Browser plugins — MSFT makes a developer toolbar available for IE, IE Tab for Firefox, and Ed Bott’s favorite Firefox extensions