For the buckeye fan who has everything

OK you don’t need another sweatshirt or t-shirt. You have 7 varieties of caps. You have the windbreaker. The flag. The posters, the books. The marching band records. The foam finger. A Brutus costume. The “Muck Fichigan” pin. So what do you need? Some fine ideas from the alumni mag:

* The Fossil watch. Ok not that exotic.
* The scarlet or gray blazer. Always in fashion.
* The popcorn tin. (Hey Marion, how did you let this business slip to some company in Virginia? Marion is the popcorn capital of the world!)
* The marching band miniatures.
* Not one, but two varieties of Buckeye Coffee — Ohio State Varsity Blends or Drinkstorm. Particularly apropo for Seattle area residents like me.
* Coffee cups and other pottery at Hartstone Pottery
* A buckeye carpet. This would look great in the living room.
* A buckeye park bench. And here is your living room furniture.
* And a mural for the wall — won’t they wonder about our civilization 1000 years from now when they dig this up.
* Buckeye Crunch cereal — the breakfast of true champions.
* Or a trip to an exotic part of the world with a group of alums — Alumni Tours. Nothing says buckeye pride like a trip down the Nile.

Enjoy! And I will accept any and all of these for the holidays.