Software Roundup 10/5

* It’s taken me a while to try Dave’s OPML editor, but this enthusiastic article got me off my ass.  I really want to love this as I am an outlining kind of guy.  But a) I use 5-6 PCs regularly and hate having to install this on all of them, why isn’t it just a website?  b) I really wish it would sync with my bberry.  c) the default web rendering of outlines looks pretty plain (at least in the techcrunch example). 
* As Ed Bott says, Exact Audio Copy is a great way to get error-free CD rips.
* Newsgator empire keeps growing with acquisition of netnewswire.  Man these guys seem to be building an interesting and deep company.  Love newsgator.
* Gadgetopia found this claim about Windows Vista boot times.  Man I hope this is true and really works.  I gave up on suspend and hibernate long ago because too many devices just didn’t deal well with.  Of course I rarely turn my PCs off now…