Software and service roundup

  • Web2.0 mashup matrix.  OK i don’t really know what web2.0 is and I sure don’t know that all the tools and services in this matrix make it any clearer — but this is a way cool matrix of tools and services.  Found elicit via this matrix
  • PC Mag free software review.  Haven’t read yet but usually some gems in here
  • Tried out copilot over the weekend.  OK if you absolutely have no other way to remotely debug a machine, I guess this is OK.  And I admire their pricing model, it aligns exactly with users — a daily fee that is not outrageous.  But this thing is so sssssslllllllooooowwwww.  Use the built-in RDP tools in XP if you can, they are much faster.
  • — tagging applied to software.  Great way to find yet more crap to install on your system.
  • Thread on using greasemonkey to mine microformats from web pages.  I watch this with anticipation.  Would be highly useful to be able to suck phone nums, addresses, events, etc from web pages.
  • Phil on some new ambitious ajax apps — zimbro and meeba.  I don’t think the vast majority of people here at ignition would mind if we moved to an ajax mail client.  Everyone already uses OWA from home/the road — people rarely VPN in to use email anymore.  Airset worth looking at too.
  • Free terabyte mail service.  Wow.