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Testing out yet another blog posting tool — elicit from bingobangosoftware.  A very unique take on blog posting — very focused on helping semipro bloggers manage their posting rate and their affiliate income.  Easy to add affiliate links, easy to manage your stream of posts thru a calendaring interface.  I don’t know yet if I like the tool but I admire the inventiveness.

UPDATE: OK on initial testing some goods and bads:

* Good: the scheduler worked perfectly. You can create posts for arbitrary times and they will be posted at that time. I realize there are many other tools to do this, but the outlook-like calendar interface is very nice.
* So-so: doesn’t respect mt text processing plugins like textile 2 — but has a full wysiwyg editor and html editor so maybe that is ok
* Bad: doesn’t seem to post keywords correctly. Wraps the entry in tags. and most strangely, enters the post body in both the entry body and extended entry fields — not helpful!!

One thought to “Elicit from BingoBangoSoftware”

  1. John,

    Thanks for giving our product a spin. We’ve fixed the known issues you’ve found and they will be released 10/17 in Elicit 1.1.3.

    We hope you will return and give us a second chance.

    We will continue to work hard to improve Elicit and resolve issues as soon as our bloggers find them.

    Thanks again
    Eric Griffin

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