The Most Boring Weekend Of Big10 Football Ever

OK this is the most boring weekend of big 10 football in recent history. The Big 10 itself says:

With eight unbeaten teams and a non-conference record of 18-3, the Big Ten is off to its best start in the last decade.

But boy I beg to differ. With the Iowa, Michigan, and OSU losses last week, the blush is off this rose. And look at some of these stunning matchups this weekend:

* Eastern Michigan at Michigan
* Northern Iowa at Iowa
* San Diego State at Ohio State
* Central Michigan at Penn State
* Florida Atlantic at Minnesota

And then there is the that classic: Kentucky at Indiana. Do these states even know what a football looks like? and just no buzz at all around Illinois at Cal and Wisconsin at North Carolina.

The only stories at all this weekend are:

* Purdue’s first real game with a visit to Arizona. A terrible letdown for Purdue if they can’t win this.
* Michigan State at ND. Can ND continue to show up strong?

Pretty thin gruel.