Texas 25, OSU 22

Great game, tough loss. I am a Vince Young believer now. As is the entire state of Ohio. I am also an A. J. Hawk believer, but then I was before the game.

Obviously OSU’s failure to convert on turnovers cost them the game. From my seat, I felt the offense had good balance. QB play was OK. The running game was OK. Where the team failed is getting the ball into the hands of Santonio and Teddy in positions to use their speed. Too often they were catching ball in close coverage or on a sideline or in a situation where they couldn’t get the 1 or 2 steps necessary to use their speed as a weapon. Seems like we needed more crossing routes, more option pitches, more plays designed to get these guys the ball when they are at speed. Their performance on returns certainly shows that these guys can hurt an opponent when they have just a little room to run.

You have to say tho that OSU is certainly just a hair’s breadth away from Texas in terms of ranking. A loss in September to the #2 team is not a terrible blow to national title aspirations. OSU won’t fall that far in the rankings and they will have time to make it up.