Software roundup 9/12

* 64bit windows perf testing — as i buy a new machine, looks like i should stick to 32-bit windows for now. not because of perf issues, but because of driver and sw compat issues with 64-bit.
* Frankston on the confusion between features and protocols/media — good stuff — why we need bluetooth, wifi, and wireless usb is beyond me. would have been great if they had all agreed at least on a link-level protocol so that they could all play nicely. But I admit I’ve been guilty of this mistake in the past — inventing new protocols when all we needed was some feature work layered on existing solutions. Seems like the marketplace eventually shakes this stuff out for the most part.
* Furrygoat on foldershare — i think the folder sync feature is going to be a feature that shows up in a hundred products. I don’t think it will last as a separate business. That said, simple folder syncing is a real need — lots of people love foldershare. (Another related solution to check out is the recently announced ibm continuous backup product — different solution but does achieve one of the goals, backup) (oh and larry likes his mirra)
* Ed Bott’s recommended software list. Good stuff.
* Larkware on Omea Pro — I was initially intrigued but it feels heavyweight to me. I want something simpler than outlook, not something equally complicated.
* A better attachment viewer for the bberry — bberry attachment viewing is pretty bad, this looks nice.
* Scott provides a bunch of AJAX links, good place to start reading.