Service Roundup 9/30

* As mentioned I love rollyo.  Just created a HalloweenPlans searchroll.  How do I link directly to this?  Not clear.
* Like Chris I hate BetaPlace.  It makes getting beta bits so hard, I just tend to give up.
* Roundup of web-based productivity apps.  I need a great XL and PPT replacement.
* An incredibly easy-to-use wiki continues to appeal to me.  I’m not the only onePeople seem excited about jotlive
* Process Library — another guide to all those damn things running on your machine.  I’m partial to answers that work but sometimes you have to triangulate
* Netvibes seems really cool — i thought about creating a little ignition blog portal with it — but it has problems with logins and remembering your content.  worth watching tho.
* Swik from our friends at sourcelabs. Cool.