Recent Books

Dipped into the nonfiction pool recently:

* “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”:amazon. OK I don’t doubt parts of the premise here — the developed nations of the western world use economics to influence and control happenings in the less developed countries. And when economics fail, they sometimes use other means. Duh. This is the way the world has worked approximately forever. I am not sure what he is blowing the whistle on.
But Perkins is a blowhard. Puts himself in the middle of all the major happenings of the 20th century. Uses the word “I” all the time. Not much acknowledgement to any teams. It seems almost pathological, and the author drops hints about problems in his personal life, you get the sense he has a real pathology here.
And he did this job he hates — extending the western world’s economic dominance over the rest of the world — for years and let himself be bought at every turn. Even when he showed signs of a conscience, he jumped back into the job with both arms, at one point claiming “if I didn’t do it, someone else would.” Wow now that is a standup guy.
You get the sense he wrote this book now for fame or money or both, not out of some real sense of altruism.

* “The New Normal”:amazon. Here I thought this was a business book, given the author.
But really it is a self help book (I haven’t dipped into this genre since Wayne Dyer burst on the market in the 70s). A lot of economic observations but really this is all about taking control of your life. Roger articulates pretty well how technology is giving us even more control, and how your government/employer safety nets are decaying even more (largely out of their control). And how you can and should take the opportunity to grab control of your own life. Great stuff, young people should read this book or something like it. Hat tip to chris for the book.