NCAA hypocrisy

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Coaches can go from one team to another without having to sit out a year. Students can transfer from one college to another without any sort of a penalty. It’s time the repressive NCAA realizes how unfair it is to its employees, er, student-athletes and allow them to transfer as well if they choose to. If a player doesn’t like the school he’s at, he should be able to leave at any time without penalty. Go ahead, raid away. If a coach doesn’t like this idea, then he should make sure his school and program are good enough to keep the players. As far as the coaches of the “Katrina schools”, if you really care about your players, you’ll let them do what’s in their best interest, not yours. And to the NCAA, it is possible to make exceptions to the rules and use some actual judgment when it’s time to do the decent thing

The hypocrisy of the adults involved with college sports sickens me. Love the games, love the kids, but some of the adults, well…