Ignition blog roundup 9/11

* Adrian is trying out EDGE for wireless connections. Sounds good. I am tired of futzing around with crappy public wifi access points. Couple it with a box like this and you can run your own hotspot where you need it.
* Brad in a thread on .net and vcs from this summer. Like he says, we’re agnostic. We can’t afford to be technology bigots.
* Martin points out that biodiesel is now cheaper here than regular diesel. Exciting times for energy investors.
* I’m a sucker for optical illusions — nice one from phil.
* Rich is in love with a9 maps and misquotes me. I think what I was really trying to say is Google is finally figuring out how to be sticky. They are providing a platform now that hundreds of apps are using. As they expand and get thousands of apps to use their underlying service, well that will be quite an asset.
* People inside Microsoft took note of the aggressive recruiting that our friends at Judy’s Book and Mpire co-sponsored. Nice work guys!
* Phil keeps cranking on his blackberry app — find jobs on your phone, and his app will be featured in an upcoming bberry hacks book. Nice.