Fall TV Plans

Cleaned out all my old Tivo season passes over the weekend and set up my new plan for this fall. Here’s the lineup:

* Monday: Prison Break, Medium, Weeds. Medium is a holdover from last year. Prison Break is a marginal new add — we don’t think it has found itself yet but we are hoping. Weeds is hilarious.
* Tuesday: House, Law&Order SVU. We love the House character, and well SVU is an old favorite.
* Wednesday: Lost. We didn’t get into this last year but will try this year.
* Thursday: Alias, Without a Trace. Alias an old favorite, and the characters in Without a Trace have grown on us.
* Friday: nothing. DVD night!
* Saturdays: NCAA Football.
* Sunday: Desparate Housewives. Total brain candy.

We’ll sample My Name is Earl, Everybody Hates Chris, The Apprentice:Martha Stewart based on the buzz for the first two, and well we are just curious about the reinvention of Martha.

Later in the season we’ll pick up 24 and The Sopranos.

Shows that didn’t make the list: numb3rs (we sampled last year but the pseudo-math babble annoys us), other law and order shows (we just don’t like the characters as much), malcolm ( a long time favorite but you can’t see it all), the apprentice (we’re tired of the donald), entourage (boring), cold case (we just never got hooked), smallville (we used to love this show but last season was a disaster).

Even with Tivo time compression, we watch way too much TV.