Business readings

* Subvert from within — great tips on how to remain focused on the customer, even within a large org. Totally relevant to team members in orgs of all sizes. (from
* Google’s use of prediction markets internally. I wonder how many participants you need to make this work well.
* NetworthIQ. If this was done in depth, allowing users to compare investment strategies and particular investments, that’d be pretty powerful.
* A VC’s view of web2.0 investing. Good points. Like the observation that these services can be built and trialed very inexpensively. That seems like the right first step to me — no point in investing huge gobs of time and dollars if no one cares about an initial quick implementation.
* Same guy on games investing“Despite the incredible market size numbers, gaming, as a category, hasn’t produced many significant wins for venture investors. I think this will change as the underlying technology continues to improve and as people–not just kids–spend an increasing amount of time and dollars playing games.”