Automotive Education

I’m doing some research on automotive engineering education for high school and undergrad students. Wonder if anyone has any tips. The things I’ve found so far:

* The SAE student site is a fine place to look for information. Competitions, awards, internships — more college student focused. This supermileage contest looks fun. I wonder if there is an opportunity to create some biodiesel version of this project.
* The SAE website for college selection has some good tips about programs.
* Kettering University — formerly GMI — a highly regarded school, but Flint is tough duty. OK I haven’t been to Flint in 17 years, maybe it has improved.
* Of course UM has all kinds of programs — Transportation Research, ARC — but you have to cheer for the Wolverines and there are some lines I just can’t cross. OK full disclosure — I spent my freshman year in college at UM, I was a traitor to the state of Ohio, but I finally saw the light.
* Down in NASCAR country, Clemson has a program. There must be other NASCAR state schools that have programs?
* Colorado State from the SAE site is supposed to have a program of some sort.
* The art center college of design in Pasadena has a program, more focused on aesthetics.