Software Roundup 8/31

* Kiko — an ajax calendar. looks nice. Walt reviewed two others today — it’s an explosion of web calendars, it’s 1998 all over again. Not sure I understand why people will migrate to this new generation. I guess people are more trained to use web services now, and in broadband households, it is easy to always have the calendar live.
* Via furrygoat, — apps that you can put on usb keys.
* Monad and WMI — cool.
* has like a jillion greasemonkey scripts to install. Playing around with book burro at the moment.
* I am easily bought — I use frequently now. Not because it is great, but because i get another pi/2 percent discount on my amazon purchases. Same reason i got an Amazon Visa card.
* Via cpumag I found and the K-lite mega codec pak — every freakin’ codec you could ever want. Videozilla looks interesting in this vein as well.
* I should try viceversa to manage backups in the house.
* I’m tempted to renew my MSDN sub so that I can get winfs beta — because who needs a stable filesystem?
* Via geekman I found myprogs. Given my appetite for software, a community ranking site for software seems great.
* also given all the software i install, why doesn’t windows have something as nice as ppm in perl for downloading addons/packages/etc? ppm is so easy.
* Movable type style generator seems cool
* JK on the run talks about something that i thought was just me — the impossiblity of doing system restores for tablet pcs
. I have a tablet pc collecting dust for exactly this reason — after struggling through 2 system restores i gave up.