Software roundup 8/16

* Yahoo Widgets (the software formerly known as konfabulator) is nice, what Active Desktop should have been. We were just too early, ahead of the hardware and ahead of the software. And I was too big a fan of Active Desktop, I learned lots of painful lessons from this experience — just because you want something to be great, doesn’t mean it is great; listen to your team, the truth is there.
* Fanblogs pointed me to a great widget — team schedules. Nice. Can’t wait for September.
* Who needs powerpoint when S5 is around.
* Phil recommends NVU for site authoring
* Monad continues to impress — bulk image rotating and scaling
* Rich summarizes some good photo tools
* Walt reviewed evernote while i was out. Sounds cool but…i use 5 machines regularly…I want it server-based…basically I want my blog to work this way.
* Technorati mobile — nice effort. For me tho technorati has not yet become an essential tool, for my searches it doesn’t provide materially better results than existing search engines.