Hiking on Lopez Island

Just back from Lopez, great time. Some tips on hiking up there:

Stop by the chamber of commerce office in the village. Get their list of hikes and current directions — it is quite accurate. Many hikes on the island are on DNR land, accessible only by easement over private property — it can be a little tricky. The Chamber of Commerce directions are great.

The best hikes in my view:

* Shark reef. Short. But nice coastline and sealions. Very busy.
* Otis Perkins Park. Go at low tide. A long expanse of beach. Probably safe to ignore private property signs.
* Chadwick hill. Definitely need those instructions, accessing the trail head is tricky. No one goes here — Trail is rough, rough. But more vertical than most the trails on the island
* Iceberg point. Again you need those instructions, tricky to find the trail. Not strenuous but a gorgeous piece of property, sealions, great views, some vertical gain. Lots of sun. This is the best on the island.