Gearing up for football

Can’t wait for the season to start.

To put a little damper on my enthusiasm tho — The buckeyes are already #3 — in football revenue. The Sports Economist points out that expenditures don’t seem to correlate strongly with success though. But they don’t negatively correlate with success either.

Either way, about 85 kids are generating $46M in revenue for the school, which is getting used up to support other sports, build nice facilities, and pay some big salaries to adults. I still have a problem with the morality of this, more of the money should flow to the benefit of the players on the team. Some small suggestions — give the players 8 years of free tuition so that they can realistically get an education and play football. Or underwrite the tuition for the children of former players. Fund a modest disability insurance program for the players.

Anyway, kickoff is 17 days away…