Vacation Reading

* “Once An Eagle by Anton Myrer”:amazon. Had this on the shelf since reading Absolutely American. Purportedly one of the most popular novels at west point. A rousing tale following an infantryman from WW1 thru vietnam. Tends to glamorize military life and demonize all other careers, also denigrates spouses who don’t support the life fully. How do I feel about our armed forces after reading? A lot about honor in here but too much demonization of all other roles in society, and a little too much glorification of the warrior.
* “Natural History by Justina Robson”:amazon. The old “encounter with alien artifact/culture which exposes the true nature of the universe” tale, but future potential variations of the human form and their attendant character implications are explored nicely.
* “The Mill on the Floss”:amazon by Eliot. What great, fallible, deeply human characters. No supermen here, just people bumbling through life.