Software roundup 7/28

* Phil finds a dhtml spell checker. Cool.
* Steve finds cool software to turn pocket pcs into aux displays. I have a spare one sitting around, I should do something with. Maybe i could turn it into a little live photo displayer on my desk.
* I’m a sucker for outliners so I will try this at some point. Man I wish I could use on the bberry as well.
* In case your windows machine is too stable — running windows with no services and registry edits for windows xp. Don’t call me if you screw around with these.
* Bluephoneelite seems way cool. At various times in my career I’ve been involved with teams trying to manage your online presence — BluePhoneElite seems like the right way to do it — my phone is always with me, and I can use a nearby PC to augment my messaging and call experience as appropriate.
* Sketchup. For the architect-wannabe inside me. My first real career ambition (when I was 14) was to be an architect and I am a sucker for the tools.
* Udell on federated tagging. Interesting.
* The reason I haven’t actually installed any of the above — Battlefield 2