Reads this week

* “Crossworld”:amazon by marc romano is a dive into the world of crosswords — the people in the “industry”, their motivations, marc’s own motivations. I am a compulsive crossworder and I got something out of this book — a little bit of background on leading characters. But marc spends too much time discussing and rationalizing his own interest in crosswords, and not enough diving into the stories, behaviours, and anecdotes of others in the industry. It reads as if he did a modest amount of research, had enough material for a long essay, and then bloated it up with a lot of navel gazing. So some value in the book but not a homerun.
* “One shot”:amazon by Lee Child is a classic airport book rack thriller. A lone wolf ex-military investigator uncovers and breaks up a massive criminal conspiracy thanks to his unbelievable physical skills and powers of detection. He is three steps ahead of everyone else in the story and just seems to be toying with them. This is not a unique plot, half the thrillers on the airport book stands could be summed up the same way. This story has very nice pacing, an interesting situation, and is better than most. It’d make a great movie script.
* “California girl”:amazon by T. Jefferson Parker is a great mystery. Deep characters with deeply intertwined lives. A stark contrast with the prior book — California Girl is a memorable story with memorable characters that altogether makes a great book, but way too complex to ever be a movie. One Shot is an adequately entertaining book but would be a killer summer movie.