Cabin Life

So had to relearn a bunch of cabin life skills from my youth over the last two weeks:

* Power and heat. where is the propane turn on for the cabin? for the stove? for the grill? How do I check propane supply? Who do we get propane from?
* What is that munching sound in the wall? What do we do about it?
* Securing a boat. Installing an engine lock, storing the gas can and gas line separately during our absence, hiding the kill switch. Not a deterrent to a determined thief but the casual thief will be frustrated.
* Saltwater, 4-cycle engine maintenance. New to me, I grew up with 2-cycle Evinrudes. Flushing with fresh water, checking oil, spraying the engine to keep salt from getting a foothold.
* Garbage disposal. The joys of hauling your own trash to the dump. As someone on the island said, the dump is the great equalizer, sooner or later everyone has to go there.