Per Category XML Feeds

I’ve added per-category XML feeds to my blog — helpful guidance at Learning Movable Type. They are all at

So what? Well now I can create meaningful tagclouds for my categories. I’ve got one for the most recent posts for the whole blog. But more interestingly I’ve got one for just my halloween postings — this gives a great sense of what topics dominate my halloween category, what themes are most popular. And is a nice way to autogenerate tags and hierarchy for the category — I don’t have to do any work! I’ve just added one for my book posts as well (not yet updated) and my software posts (also not yet updated).

Now it would be even cooler if i could yoke tinyurl functionality to this, so that you could ask for the page or and my site would find the tag in a tagcloud and return the relevant page. Some people have posted sample tinyurl clone code in response to ed’s posting, in my copious free time i may look at this. I want my own tinyurl functionality anyway for other reasons.