Ignition roundup 6/24

* A lot of Ignition faces at Gnomedex. Thanks to Clearsight, Intelligent Results, Cloudmark for nice swag and samples. And huge kudos to mfoundry for their efforts to get all the attendees using the mfoundry gnomedex app.
* Not everyone could be there — notably the mpire guys were launching down at ebay live
* Phil was there and he keeps improving berry411 — he showed me the ups tracking plugin. awesome.
* Also phil found this cool jobs map, and jason at jobster had a good talk with john connors about the ceo playbook
* Phil also points towards Bus Monster — wow, google is really becoming the platform for truly interesting apps.
* Rich found this fascinating site that tracks our aircraft carriers.
* Martin found a good blog on energy investing
* John has posted one of his presentations on the marketing playbook as an mp3 or show.
* And last, but definitely not least, check out adrian’s latest project — vacuum forming. I have to borrow this for halloween prop creation.