Ignition roundup 6/14

* We celebrated Cam’s birthday this past week and instead of the normal cake, we had wine and cheese in honour of Cam. Cam’s recommended red — Barrister.
* ehomeupgrade has a nice pure networks giveaway going on…
* Looks like gnomedex is sold out nearly…we’ll be one of the sponsors of the friday lunch … some of our companies have some nice giveaways planned.
* Phil just keeps making Berry411 better and better. I’d love a UPS/Fedex tracking plugin…
* The true reason for Martin’s interest in alternative energy — so he can afford to run his souped up beetle
* Jason likes Beauty and the Geek as well..and more importantly, showing off the jobster blog plugin
* Rich on the evolution of blogs…I think tagcloud is cool, I’d just like it to be an integral part of my blogging software — autogeneration of keywords and a keyword directory.