Ignition Blog Roundup 6/9/05

* Great Jobster momentum — man this is a great and fun team. I am proud that Ignition is involved with them.
* Tim Dowling of Pure Networks has a blog now…
* Martin blogs on the morphing of allconsuming (I’m a sucker for anything about books) and energy independence
* Phil has found some greasemonkey-like plugins for IE — trixie, turnabout. I have converted so totally to firefox, it is hard to find the time to go back and try these out. I would love a realtime CSS viewer/editor plugin for IE, like some of the web developer plugins for firefox. One probably exists.
* Rich on digicam reviews and GPSs for biking — I too need a GOS tho for hiking. Some requirements are same — durability, weather proof, low weight — but some are different — topo maps, trail maps.
* Rich on the gayot guide for restaurants and his remembrances of Chez Shea — for me, Place Pigalle at the market has the same great memories associated with it.