Hardware happenings

* Geez I am now like two generations behind on cooling technology — liquid metal coolers for pcs, liquid metal cooling for video cards. My cooling problem though is a little different — with 6 computers in 2 small rooms, plus printers, monitors, scanners, speakers, etc etc etc — my problem is room temperature, not pc temperature. No amount of liquid metal cooling is going to make my room cooler. I have installed a small Carrier single-room air conditioner to deal with the issue — so I guess that puts me at the bleeding edge of homes, not many have dedicated AC for computer rooms. So I salvage a little geek pride.
* I’d love to explore using these bifurcated computers as a heat solution. Put all the electronics in one room, and just run fiber to the I/O devices in another room.
* An interesting observation on home storage — gary asserts that home storage needs are surpassing busines storage needs. I guess this is not surprising, the video subsystem in PC is driven by consumer apps, not business apps, so why not storage? But gosh we need a consumer-friendly reliability and backup solution — RAID and tapes aren’t it.
* Gigapixel cameras are coming. OK it sounds like you need a small team of scientists, a truckload of equipment, and some incredibly expensive optics, so I guess we won’t see a Nikon Coolpix version soon. But hey that sounds like what it took initially to make a mainframe computer run and look where we are. Actually I don’t care that much about gigapixel cameras — but boy would I give an arm and a leg for gigapixel eyeglasses — realtime zooming in on images miles away would be handy.
* Have to get a Babble when they are available — “In essence, Babble turns you into a small crowd–and changes how other people hear your voice,” he added. “The result is that those outside your workspace cannot understand your actual spoken words.” . I can’t claim to need one but how cool.
* And this has nothing to do with PCs — but I need this weedburner. Why trim weeds when a flaming torch will do just as well? Actually this seems like a disaster in the making.