Cougar Mountain 6/17

OK I can’t leave well enough alone. I have to take every opportunity to turn everyday human experiences into geekfests.

So I got a Samsung SC-X105 Sports Camcorder, attached the remote lens with the provided straps to my head, and went out yesterday morning. You can see and hear what I saw — a little waterfall (1 Meg), a nice tree covered trail (2 Meg), griping about my ribs (2 Meg), and the Bagley Seam trail (6 Meg).

These videos are “sports videos” — you see it as I did it, handsfree video shooting, so very jerky and hopping all over the place. The camera is a great fun toy tho some serious aggravations as noted by other reviewers — you have to keep telling it to use the external remote lens every time you turn it on, it doesn’t remember this setting. But it is incredibly small, the camera comes with a caribiner clip instead of a belt loop which is great, and the remote lens is just way cool.

Oh the other problem is the video format — the doc all says “MPEG video” but it is using some Samsung-tweaked codec that nothing in the world understands. So you have to install the Samsung app, force it to convert the video to DVIX or DVI, and then you can use another app to play with — I used Windows Movie Maker as I had it lying around.