WA State Ferry Schedules on Blackberry

In the last couple weeks I’ve been to Lopez, Vashon, and I’m heading to Port Angeles this weekend, with more trips to Lopez in the offing.

There are instructions up at the WSDOT site about how to get a ferry schedule on your PDA — sign up for avantgo, download avantgo client, configure a custom channel, blah blah blah.

At least for a fairly recent blackberry, this is all unnecessary. Just point your blackberry browser at the pda schedule link and you will be set.

Of course if you are on Shaw Island or someplace remote with no GPRS or whatever access, well, sorry.

And if you are new to the area — well there is nothing better than a ferry ride on a nice day.

Other handy Northwest links of recent note:

* Wifi finder (thanks Danny)
* Shop for inflatables at Ballard Inflatables or West Coast Frogs. While in Ballard I hear that Souvenir is a cool place to stop — this whole inballard site seems cool.
* A slightly stale article on the decline of the EMP. Visit soon before it is gone. Personally I found the place to be boring — I should be able to hear a lot more music at a music museum, not just read about it.