Recent Software of Note

* Via Larkware, Backbase looks like it is trying to commercialize AJAX technology.
* Via the javascript weblog, a cool javascript.dhtml comment implementation. Also a nice AJAX patterns wiki.. I’m not sure what the investment opportunity is yet…but non-AJAX websites are going to look old and boring compared to AJAX sites very soon…
* Rich likes MTInlineEditor. I dont’ do that much editting after the fact (perhaps a problem) but it seems cool. Hey I wonder when someone will do nice AJAX templates for MT — crap, if I thought of it, someone must have already done it.
* I feel stupid for not having switched to password composer yet — here’s another good reason, a website implementation.
* I wish there was an implementation of tinyurl or doiop that I could run on my own server so I could exert some control over keywords.
* Via geekman, a nice listing of web applications — SEO, design tools, etc
* Back on the PC, BeSweet for transcoding audio, how to bookmark registry locations, using grc’s wizmo to unfreeze a machine, a nice pc inspection tool (website currently down), speedfan for managing fans and temps, broadcast machine for sharing video.