Ignition Blog Roundup 5/30

Our extended family of bloggers are becoming overactive, it is hard for me to keep up. Highlights:

* Rich is digging into MT – nice tip on category tags, and he graciously posts his templates — nice idea, I will do this when I am finished hacking on mine too.
* Rich on computers — proper ergonomics (I’ve been getting a stiff neck recently, good tips), and the new evdo-equipped sony laptop — wifi hotspots are becoming a mess, with 4-5 available in a location of uncertain quality and safety, evdo and similar solutions could become a hit with the business crowd.
* Phil with some great thinking on search scoping, releasing the latest version of Berry 411 (installed), talking about myvoipweb (don’t trust caller id anymore), showing off his jobs sidebar (very cool).
* Kudos to Melodeo for Rogers launch
* Martin is bullish on NPUs.
* John and Rich’s book out in Taiwan and Korea now! Guys I’d love to hear about the economics behind this.
* Jason on RSS Jobs aggregators, job blogs, good to great staffing, Jobster 1.1 launch. The jobster team is reminding me that incredible focus on an exact customer segment and exact customer problems will always pay off.
* Andy fishing for ideas on how to create passion amongst his customers. My 2 cents Andy – learn from the Jobster guys!
* Not an ignition extended family blog, but related to our business — Fred has a nice posting on the “pass”:

** Say no quickly to the things you know you aren’t going to do
** Don’t take an opportunity into diligence unless you are willing to spend enough time to truly undersand it, and if you don’t invest, make sure you are willing to spend time explaining why.