Ignition blog roundup 5/15

* Adrian is trying out metal casting — this lindsay books catalog is truly amazing
* Andy is recommitting to his blog (kind of)
* Rich is enamored with the mt spamlookup plugin — personally i’ve given up on trackbacks and have reallowed typekey-registered commentors. I don’t have time to futz with all the plugins and tools to allow anything else.
* Rich also continues to play with podcasting — looking at a better portable mp3 recorder (I’ve put on my father’s day wish list)
* Phil is a blogging animal – looking at password composer (which is cool but i regularly use at least 6 different machines), playing with google mobile and his 411 app, calling out for more large-type support
* Great unintentional press for PerfectMatch (one of our investments)
* Also, Johnza on the fourth place“Why can’t the Internet become a 4th place. A place that we’ve never really had before, where we get many of the things that we get from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places but without the physical limitations”