Home networking resources

Boy Google has become pretty polluted on the topic of home networking, many of the top pages are thin bags of links, clearly just thrown together to generate google hits and revenue. Here’s my own list of home networking resources that I use.

* Blogs:
** practically networked — general home network coverage
** pvrblog — PVRs
** ehomeupgrade — all kinds of digital home and gagdet goodness

* Software Tools:
** pure networks — for file sharing, printer sharing, and generally keeping track of what’s on the network (Disclosure: Ignition is an investor)
** itunes — for music playing and sharing. We keep all our music on a server, I wish itunes would push tags and playlists back to the server.
** Remote Desktop — I use this all the time to manage different machines from the family room — requires XP Pro. I tried a bunch of freeware alternatives but none of them seemed particularly robust at the time.
** Beyond Compare — my backup strategy is to spread copies of photos and music around to 4-5 different places.

* Other websites:
** Annoyances.org — some handy troubleshooting guides
** avsforum — for av/hometheater stuff
** dslreports — nice speed test for your broadband link among other tools
** Sandy and Dave’s — a nice newsletter summing up industry events

That’s the primary list of resources. Anybody else have good ones?