Getting serious about exercise

I had my annual physical this week (man I am glad we signed up for MD Squared) and while I am generally healthy, I weigh 3 pounds more than last year. Maybe not a big deal, but I already weigh too much, and if I extrapolate 3 pounds a year — well this is what’s going to kill me.

A big reason for this is that I basically don’t exercise as I find it boring (I guess an early death will be even more boring!). So I need to remedy this. And I need a goal that I care about.

So I’m dusting off a goal that I set four years ago and have made no progress towards — backpacking significant portions of the pacific crest trail. I need to get in good enough shape to carry a 60-70 pound pack for 5-6 hours a day, for 10-15 days, through up and down terrain, and still have the energy to cook, set up camp, etc.

Step one — get comfortable hiking extended periods of time through tough terrain. I got new boots at rei — some zamberlans — and went on a 2 hour hike this morning to start to break in the boots and get my feet toughened up — Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park is close to home, has 36 miles of trails with a mix of inclines, and has a Nike missile site! Found my first blister-prone spot.

I’m going to keep this up. I’ll spend the rest of this summer getting into a regimen that I can sustain — the most important short term goal is accomodate excercise in a sustainable way into my schedule, if I am not still on a program in 3 months I am in trouble.