Recent software trials — 4/28


* Via blackberryblog, Promised to be a nice RSS reader for the blackberry, and the blackberry client looked OK and installed easily. But lots of bugs on the server side handling my imported OPML so I gave up.
* Olivelink. Promised to be a way to easily share video with friends and family but like most of these apps, couldn’t handle firewall/nat traversal without a bunch of tweaking, so i gave up.

Meaning to Try:

* Alternatives to newsgator — intravnews and You Subscribe. OK I love newsgator and it has been a rock for me, but worth looking around as I haven’ gotten any new features from newsgator in a while.
* orb. Another videosharing app. Blogmatrix might be worth trying too.
* Flexwiki upgrade. I use flexwiki for some personal projects and generally like it. Looks like a worthy upgrade.