Mid-April books

* “Hard Time by Sara Paretsky”:amazon. Had this book on the shelf for a while, a typical airport purchase. Didn’t expect much but was actually happy with it. A lot more depth of character than I typically find in your mass market detective novel. Worth reading more in the series.
* “Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link”:amazon. Trying to be bradbury. And occasionally hits the note. But I think I’d rather reread “the illustrated man”:amazon or “the martian chronicles”:amazon.
* “The Sheltering Sky”:amazon. Ok at first I couldn’t get into this novel, I just didn’t care about these two people wandering thru northern africa. But wow, the story really engaged as the characters struggled to connect with each other and with the world, while fighting greater and greater physical hardships. No happy ending here, the story just gets grittier and better.
* And I haven’t read yet but just ordered “Freakonomics”:amazon, and then saw this great posting on Brand Autopsy with some pithy lessons learned from the book.