Lopez Island Visit

Spent a couple nice days there this week. Great weather. Here are some essential links:

* Getting there. WSDOT Ferry schedules — read the footnotes carefully as there are a lot of intricacies in Lopez service. If you don’t need a car on the island, Paraclete Charters is a great way to go — avoid the ferry lines, and they can drop you anywhere, and they are nice people.
* Staying. Lopez Farm Cottages are delightful — clean, completely invisible staff, lots of wild bunnies to entertain you.
* Eating. The Love Dog Cafe is great — we had a great halibut dinner, they do great pizzas, good crabcakes, pastas, etc. Holly ‘s Bakery is great for deserts and pastries. Isabel’s for your coffee fix. Vita’s for takeout sandwiches, food, and wine. All these are in the village, along with the grocery store. No shortage of calores in our two days there.