Ignition Blog Lineup

The range of ignition blogs keeps growing. Here’s the current list of personal and topic blogs that I know about:

* A Little Ludwig (John Ludwig) — technology, Ohio State, Halloween, etc
* Tong Family Blog (Rich Tong) — technology, biking, marketing, chess, etc
* Zagula Spells Trouble (John Zagula) — wine, arts, etc
* Deep Green Crystals (Martin Tobias) — technology, energy, etc
* Smithstuff — ok not really a blog but if you like Make magazine, you’ll like this
* VCMom (Michelle Goldberg) — VC, Mom. We need to encourage Michelle to post more often.
* The Hoopers (Steve Hooper) — technology, life
* Bob’s Planet (Bob Wise) — technology, telecom, etc
* B100 Fuel — biodiesel, energy policy
* Geekfishing — technology
* EOQ 1 — production economics, mass customization
* Marketing Playbook — all things marketing

And here is a little tool — if you want to search across all these at once, here’s a constructed google link to let you do that — for say “vacation

And for more cross-ignition fun, here is an RSS feed that aggregates all the feeds from all these blogs thanks to rssmix