Hardware wish list

* Stompbox in-car evdo router. Hey kevin at benchmark motoring, this is what I want to do in my car. mobycar is another interesting in-car solution. (An interesting aspect is the crushing effect this is going to have on all the dedicated telematics plays — once we all have a hotspot in our car with evdo/umts routing back out to the net — who needs all the captive, controlled services from onstar, etc?)
* PC mods — Sunbeam 20-in-1 front panel, cooler quieter video cards,
* A PSP and this hack for controlling media gear. Oh and here is a whole roundup of psp hacks
* Slingbox — another way to serve up my video anywhere.
* And I’d like to set up a neighbornode, this seems totally cool.
* And an hdtv that prints — gosh I am always wanting printouts of tv pictures