Yes you can have too much technology

It is all coming crashing down around me right at the moment. I don’t feel like I have gadgets and gear, I just have problems.

On my person/in my bag: my blackberry keys are sticking and i have to replace it, my casio digital camera won’t hold a charge.

In my car: the kenwood phatdisk hard disk is corrupt, my nav system is out for repairs.

At work: the vpn has become slow as mud, our firewall is crashing daily, my server box has only 256Meg of ram and is thrashing, i can’t quite configure properly my hosting service for 3 new domains.

At home: firefox 1.02 crashes repeatedly on my main machine. Firefox won’t run at all in user mode on the family room machine. I have hard disk corruption on my game machine. The hard disk in the PC I use to control all my halloween sounds is whining suspiciously. my 10 year old phone system is creaking as i attempt to slam voip into it.

A whole host of things are working ok — my ipod, my tivo, my comcast hd, the two other pcs and the mac mini at home. But the problems are all a little overwhelming at the moment. I may need to massively simplify. I can’t keep spending 3 hours a day fixing things…