Recent software trials — 3/28

Tried and liked:

* CustomizeGoogle via Larkware. And the required greasemonkey addon to firefox is great.
* Firefox search plugins. I had no idea you could add these in. Cool. How do I create my own?
* After months of footdragging, finally installed this gmail shell extension. Very cool.
* JimH’s rumour city. Loved the ancestor of this toy back in WFW days…
* Power Supply Wattage Calculator via Pirillo. I’ll never build a PC without it again.

Meaning to try:

* Essential Mac Software now that I have a mini.
* ipodder. i’m so late to this game.
* Olivelink. downloading beta now.
* Never miss an episode with rss and bittorrent. i’m still bittorrenting the old-fashioned way.
* naslite.
Lightweight nas software for the home/office.
* picasa 2. I’m kind of burnt out on photo software — none of the packages ever seem to really help me that much. But i should try again.
* divx codecs. Actually i already have some variant of these, just a reminder here where to look for them —,