Ignition round up 3/3

* Brad has a nice article up at BW Online, heavily influenced by Mssrs Tong and Zagula…
* …following the nice press on Ignition last week in the WSJ (thanks to Jobster dudes for the link)
* Not an ignition blog but a nice pithy maxim about our business from A VC: “Momentum venture investing is an oxymoron and anyone who does it is a moron.”
* Martin is hooked on Windows Remote Desktop. Me too, but now I have a Mac Mini in the house and may have to try some others again…
* Nice link by Martin to a good article on energy independence
* Rich as always has a whole potpourri of links — Gelsinger on virtualization (rich has been high on this for a while), some great small pc links, a bunch of links to things we talked about over breaks at our LP meeting including bit comet.