Ignition Blog Roundup 3/15

One month til tax day and what are people thinking about?

* Andy Sack — it’s not competition that kills small companies, it is lack of monetizable demand…
* Phil Bogle on walled gardens, social networks, and openness; on social networks as web services. Phil is one smart mofo, ignore him at your peril.
* Johnza is feeling badly about his job — he’s been tagged as a liar, quack, and cheat. But you can catch him speaking at DMA World
* Martin finds Gurley’s blog and Gurley is right in blasting the state legislators who are helping to reinforce old telecom monopolists.
* Rich of course has a ton of tech pointers — decoding blue screen error codes (isn’t it amazing that google is a better way to get answers than the windows help system is?); Via’s Luke platform, another great small pc component; how to reset any flavor of ipod (mine is beyond a simple reset, it is time to go to the apple store); the latest mt plugins for antispam and other malposts
* Michelle loves gardenweb as a source of household recommendations