Gadget Wish List

Gadgets I’ve noticed lately…

* The keyboard organizer — i need the XL model
* The Keyscan keyboard/scanner combo — I think I would seriously scan more often if the scanner was this close at hand
* A keyboard/pc — the other kind of keyboard
* Yamaha YSP-1 — surround sound from a single component.
* The latest ipod accessory — your house.
* Siemens’ wearable whole-house remote — great for my Halloween setup
* Hey I have every freakin’ ipod you can buy, so the ipod phone is a natural. By the way you have to love Apple’s iPod support policy — my iPod Photo was acting flakey, they gave me a new one, no questions asked.
* Sam loves the new slimp3 player (nice blog sam).
* Tunable glass windows to block selective radio transmissions — because I know everyone is trying to steal our secrets.
* Car stereo with removable HD — way easier to use than an ipod in the car
* And a wifi access point in my car — hmm, once i have full ip in the car, it sure seems like all these proprietary car nav systems with dated map discs will get crushed by mapquest/googlemaps/etc