Contacting Me

In a boring meeting the other day, I was reflecting on how many ways people can get ahold of me. I did a little inventory.

Voice: You can call me at:

* 425 709 0772. Ignition central number. Accepts Voicemail
* 425 460 0841. Ignition direct number. Accepts Voicemail
* 425 922 7055. Cell phone. Accepts Voicemail.
* 425 641 4973. Home listed. Accepts Voicemail.
* 425 xxx xxxx. Home unlisted. Accepts Voicemail.
* 425 xxx xxxx. Onstar in Chevy Avalanche.
* 425 xxx xxxx. Vonage. Accepts Voicemail.

Fax: You dinosaur you, you can send me a fax at:

* 425 709 0798. Ignition
* 425 xxx xxxx. Vonage.

IM: The younger set can reach me at:

* Jhludwig on AIM
* Jhludwig AT on MSN (deprecated)

Email: My most used medium.

* john, jhludwig, johnlu. Actually a few more are also supported that I’ve set up over the years for various purposes.
* John. For college football stuff
* jhludwig
* john.ludwig
* johnlu (need to verify this still works)
* jhludwig (direct to blackberry)
* a few other domains i have registered which forward mail to me.
* i never bothered to set up my comcast isp account, i guess that could work to, but don’t use it, since i never check it.

Text: again for the younger generation

* SMS me at the cell phone above
* Or from a blackberry, send to Bberry pin 20053854


* Send a trackback to an entry on
* Trackback or comments on fanblogs


* Posts on MethodsofMadness halloween forum
* Posts on some school forums


* Ebay I believe will redirect messages to my account
* All the social networking sites — linkedin, judysbook, friendster, orkut, etc — will send posts/messages to me

Physical mail:

* to ignition
* to home

And well you can just Google “john ludwig” and probably figure out a way to get ahold of me. especially now that this is posted.

The amazing thing is — I will actually get all these. I monitor all these inputs on a semiregular basis. Some of them constantly, some more intermittently, but I get them all.

Contrast this situation with the beginning of my working life. I had 1 work phone, 1 work fax, 1 home phone at that time. No email, no sms, no cellphone, etc.

Will this explosion continue? How will people stay on top of it all? The big problem is really controlling use and access. Today I conrol access by deciding to whom and how I reveal these addresses. And then as the addresses leak out, I filter them for unwanted contacts. This seems pretty bass-ackwards. I’d like to be able to publish all of them freely, and then decide based on access lists and rules who is allowed to use which of them.