Software roundup 2/25/05

Recent items of note:

* One man’s list of blackberry add-ons — Phil’s 411 app gets a nice mention.
* Rootkitrevealer. Not really sure I know how to make the most of this but another nice tool to sniff out malware.
* Haven’t tried Replay Music yet but seems to be the ultimate tool to bypass all the lame DRM in various players
* Another great list of small software utilities — Pricelessware
* Thanks to Jon Udell for the pointer to Linky, a great firefox extension.
* Logparser 2.2. Loved earlier versions, haven’t had time to play with this yet.
* Via Mike Gunderloy, XMLMarker — great little XML editor.

Sadly I have no great utilities to recommend to Steve for home/consumer-oriented backup — I too have a ton of storage at home, I use scripts to copy precious data to backup locations every night, very kludgey but cheap.