Recent Books

OK while I was sick I found it hard to even read, but a few books did make it through:

* “Samaritan”:amazon by Richard Price. A great story of a guy whose need to help people is his undoing. A great cautionary tale — when you are trying to help people, don’t do it for your own gratification reasons, as this will often cause you to do the wrong things. Really put yourself in their shoes and help them in a way that is about them, not about you.
* “The Year’s Best Science Fiction, 18th Annual Collection”:amazon, editted by Gardner Dozois. Always a great collection — a great way to get names of authors and books that you should read, rather than what the bookstore is promoting.
* “Wolves Eat Dogs”:amazon by Martin Cruz Smith. I have no idea what moscow and the ukraine are like … But gosh, smith is good at transporting you, with very few words. Story drug a little long but great imagery.
* “The Laughing Sutra”:amazon by Mark Salzman. Reco’d by a very smart friend. Interesting story, intertwining of myth and today. But compare/contrast with Martin Cruz Smith title — I never felt transported to China in this book, the imagery and dialog just didn’t do its job, this story could have been set anywhere.